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Heritage Line Anouvong 9 Nights (Upstream)

4.8 Excellent

18 Reviews

Trip Length

10 Day

Price starts (USD)


Signature Suite

Signature Suite

 2 Cabin(s)

 |   30m²

 |   Double

The two lavishing Suites are on the upper deck and each has the area of 30 square meter accompanied with a 3 square meter private balcony. All of them are located in the bow section of the cruise and decorated in the most exquisite furniture from the local artisans.

Cabin Amenities

  |       Max Rom:  

 Luggage Storage

 Air Conditioning

 Mini Bar





 In Room Safe

 Hair Dryer


 Wi-Fi [free]


 Bathroom Amenities

 Jacuzzi Bathtub

 With Balcony

Deluxe Executive

Deluxe Executive

 4 Cabin(s)

 |   20m²

 |   Double/twin

The four deluxe executive are almost identical to Deluxe staterooms with the exeption of location. With the vantage point on the upper deck, the room offer a more thorough look on the sights along the river.

Cabin Amenities

  |       Max Rom:  

 Luggage Storage

 Air Conditioning

 Mini Bar





 In Room Safe

 Hair Dryer


 Wi-Fi [free]


 Bathroom Amenities

 Jacuzzi Bathtub

 With Balcony



 4 Cabin(s)

 |   20m²

 |   Double/twin

There are four Deluxe cabins on the main deck each has the space of 20 square meter. They also have floor to ceiling windows looking out the river and the French balconies.

Cabin Amenities

  |       Max Rom:  

 Luggage Storage

 Air Conditioning

 Mini Bar





 In Room Safe

 Hair Dryer


 Wi-Fi [free]


 Bathroom Amenities

 Jacuzzi Bathtub

 With Balcony

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Get aboard Anouvong, a pioneering boutique escape on the upper Laos river! As Heritage Line's first Laotian gem, she cradles luxury in just 10 lavish staterooms, each adorned with exquisite art and private balconies whispering tales of serenity.

Witnessing ancient temples and quiet villages along pristine rivers, your days will be filled with peaceful hikes, playful dolphins and fiery sunsets. Enjoy your stay here with cultural delights on board, from dance classes to fragrant parties. The intimate embrace of best Laos cruise promises an unforgettable journey with Laos River Cruises, where luxury meets the magic of the Mekong, whispering the secrets of a land waiting to be discovered such as a 3-night from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang journey. Contact us now and be one of the first to experience this fashion adventure!


Where East Meets West: traditional Laotian with French-colonial blend

Step aboard Anouvong, and prepare to be captivated by a tapestry woven from ancient Laotian artistry and the elegant whisper of French colonialism. Walls adorned with intricate silk tapestries tell the tales of mythical giants and celestial dancers, while polished teak furniture speaks of colonial grandeur. Every corner reveals a delicate dance of influences, where lotus motifs dance across stained glass in the sunlit salon, and hand-painted murals echo the vibrant colors of Laotian temple murals.

Where East Meets West: traditional Laotian with French-colonial blend

Rich and flavourful cuisine of Laos and Southeast Asia

Savor the vibrant dance of chilies and lemongrass in a fiery Luang Prabang larb, let your senses tingle with the tangy embrace of a Vietnamese pho, and embark on a fragrant voyage through Thailand's fragrant green curry. Each meal is a celebration, a vibrant mosaic of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients prepared with love and meticulous attention to detail.

Rich and flavourful cuisine of Laos and Southeast Asia

Local dance & music performances

As the sun dips below the Mekong, painting the sky in fiery colors, the Anouvong's deck transforms into a stage for the magic of Laos. Under a blanket of stars, local dancers tell stories through their graceful steps. Silky skirts twirl, hands speak in sign language, and feet tap rhythms that echo the river's beat. Join the fun with the playful "lam vông," where bamboo poles dance like laughter, or witness the mesmerizing trance of "lam tang lao," where hands express emotions spoken.

Local dance & music performances


 All Meals Included

 Wi-Fi In Public Areas

 Shuttle Service



 Laundry Service


 Air Conditioning


 Daily housekeeping

 Airport transfer

 BBQ facilities

 Cooking classes


 Tai Chi



 Jacuzzi Bathtub

  Heritage Line Anouvong 9 Nights (Upstream)

 Destination: Vientiane, Sandbank, Phalat, Pak Lay, Khok Akha, Luang Prabang, Pak Ou Caves, Gaeng Hang Gai, Pak Beng, Huay Xai

 Departure date of itinerary: View Departure Dates

Jan 20
Feb 23
Aug 12
Sep 15
Oct 19
Nov 22
Dec 10

Highlights of Itinerary

  • Explore temples & markets, catch sunset at Pha That Luang
  • Visit Buddhist wonders & colonial elegance; join sunrise alms-giving
  • Savor scenic cruise on the mighty river, lush landscapes & hidden villages
  • Admire Pak Ou Caves with thousands of Buddha statues
  • Emerald cascading beauty, swim in turquoise pools in Kuang Si Falls
  • Learn about culture with colorful markets, cooking class,...
  • Explore the Golden Triangle, gateway to Laos & Thailand

Day 1 Vientiane - Sandbank (L/D)

Early today at around 7:30 from Vientiane, you will check-in the cruise to commence the once-in-a lifetime trip on the Anouvong. Spend the morning touring around the huge vessel if you wish as the ship make it way upstream through many villages and green jungles. Next is a traditional ceremony – Baci – to welcome you on board.

The afternoon will be for a informative presentation to introduce you about the legacy of King Anouvong. Afterward, you can leisure on the sundeck reading a book or simply just gaze at the endless mountains and jungles.

Tonight a special welcome BBQ dinner on the sand bank is due as you make acquaintance with other passengers on board.

 Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Baci Ceremony - The Lao Way of Calling Soul To Harmony
Prepare BBQ party on Anouvong cruise

Day 2 Sandbank - Phalat - Sandbank (B/L/D)

For the early bird, you can admire the sunrise at dawn and maybe exercise on the sundeck. There is the selection between Yoga and Tai Chi instructors. After a satisfying workout, energize with a hearty breakfast.

Sailing for a few hours toward a little village named Phalat. With the location on the bank it has a great view of the river in both Laos and Thailand territories. Continue with a ride in tuk tuk to a Chopstick Plantation to learn about the process of making this essential Asian cutlery.

After lunch back on board, we arrive at Ban Pak Mane Village where the Heritage Line Anouvong ship will dock. This particular part of Mekong is quite gentle so you are free to do your own exploration or go kayaking. There will be a film night after the dinner.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Mighty Mekong exploring on Anouvong cruise
Anouvong cruise guests kayak on the Mekong River

Day 3 Sandbank - Pak Lay - Sandbank (B/L/D)

Resume the sailing in the morning we will reach Pak Lay on the west side of the river. It is part of the Nam Phouy National Biodiversity Conservation Area – which possesses the largest amount of wild elephants in the whole country.

Return back for lunch, the afternoon excursion, we pass Don Saynhan Village by tuk tuk and the reach the destination of Khao Cave. This cave is special as it houses a community of exotic bats that have live here for ages. The cave is also impressive for its karst rock formation.

Return back to the cruise to continue slowly to a quiet and gentle point where you will spend the night.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ethical Elephant Adventures in Laos
Reach the destination of Khao Cave

Day 4 Sandbank - Khok Akha - Sandbank (B/L/D)

You may begin the day with a workout on a sundeck or a Tai Chi or Yoga session. Enjoy breakfast as the ship navigate to the first stop of today the hydroelectric power plant. On board, you will learn about the economy and the significance of this power plant to the livelihood of the Lao people. 

After lunch, there are two options for you to spend the afternoon:

  • Longtail boat to a tribe village by the bank Nam Fuan River. Find yourself observing the hardworking villagers on the field of vegetation and the simple yet meaningful life.
  • Make an excursion to Khok Akha – a small village with the population of approximately of 400 people of Lao Loum ethnics (“Lowland Laotian”). The village’s main source of income is from the rice fields, fishing and woods.

Finally, some time late this afternoon, we arrive at the Xayaburi Dam. Passing through the two ship locks to pass the dam. You can have a brief moment to admire this huge structure and understand a bit more about the construction with the guide.

Enjoy dinner on board.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Cruising along Nam Fuan River Laos
Interacting with friendly Lao Loum people

Day 5 Sandbank - Luang Prabang (B/L/D)

Spend the morning at your own leisure, enjoy a cup of tea as you slowly work through or novel or sunbathe in the sun deck and watch as the life goes by.

Commence the afternoon with a trip to Ban Muang Kai village. Here, you can find a special Buffalo dairy farm with surprisingly modern chain of operation and its contribution to the society. The buffalo milk helps create a new corner in the almost nonexistent dairy industry of the country. You can find not only milk but also cheese, yogurt and even ice cream products here.

Next stop is the Kuang Si Falls, which is incredible famous for its aquamarine light blue color and mineral lagoon. Here you can have fun walking through the butterfly garden or take a dip into the blue pool.

Back on board as the ship makes its way to Luang Prabang. Here you can feast on the tasty meal as you observe the gentle lights from the idyllic town by the river.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Aquamarine light blue color and mineral lagoon of Kuang Si Waterfall
Luang Prabang UNESCO world heritage by the Mekong River

Day 6 Luang Prabang (B/L/D)

The today tour will begin with the trip to the UNESCO Heritage Town – Luang Prabang. Instead of taking the main streets, you will make the discovery through a more unconventional way to understand more about this town by the Mekong River with unique architecture and rich history.

When you arrive in the main street, visit an important historical sites underneath the safe of the trees. Be amazed at the shinning buildings and engravings that was adorned centuries ago. Make a stop at the Lamache that was used as living space for nobilities and later for the ice cream maker of the royalties. Complete the morning with a tea break to enjoy the local take on coffee and tea and other refreshing drinks and ice creams.

After lunch on board, we resume the exploration with a walk to the Royal Palace or National Museum. This museum houses some of the precious artifacts along with the documents about the history and culture of Laos.

Toward the end of the day, spend the time at your own agenda. You can either kick back at one of the cafes on the streets or browse some hidden shop along the narrow alleys before going back to the cruise.

Before your dinner as the sun sinks into the horizon, enjoy a special traditional dance performance on the sundeck followed by dinner.

The evening can be spent leisure on board or you can leave for the famous night markets on the town’s main streets.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Walking along Luang Prabang street then have a coffee sip
National Museum at Luang Prabang

Day 7 Luang Prabang - Pak Ou Caves - Gaeng Hang Gai (B/L/D)

Early morning today, if you wish, you can participate in the alms giving ceremony or “Tak Bak” as the local call it. Line up by street and giving donations to the monks as they make their way around town each day.

Afterward, you can once again take a look at the morning market to see a closer look at the local life before going back on board for breakfast. If time allows, we will have a meeting with Mr. Francis Engelmann, a former specialist of UNESCO’s during 1994 and his efforts on preserving the charm and history of this ancient town. Having been living in the country for over 20 years, Mr. Engelmann is no stranger to the culture and the history of the town, and his knowledge exceeds many of the residents in town.

The ship will continue its journey on the river as we reach Muang Keo. Witness the process of textile weaving. Next, make a trek to the Pak Ou Caves by the bank of the Mekong River. The sacred saves houses almost four thousands of Buddhist Images of all shapes and sizes. Then we return back to the cruise for some refreshing drinks and if you wish, you can kayak through the gentle stream of this part of the Mekong.

Later, the cruise continues upstream as the sun sets and arrive by the bank of Gaeng Hang Ngai Village. The ship will dock here for the night.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Paticipate in Traditional Tak Bak ceremony
Make a trek to the Pak Ou Caves

Day 8 Gaeng Hai Gai - Pak Beng - Sandbank (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we will have an informative talk with the local expert about the elephants and the local effort in protecting their habitats. The expert also reflects on the old ways the elephants used to be treat and the actions the authority has been taking to preserve the elephants’ safety.

In the afternoon, we arrive in a quaint town called Pakbeng. This town is a halfway stop of our trip to Huay Xai. Here you can find a gorgeous temple on the hilltop where a grand vista can be seen.

An informative trip will be next on the schedule as we traverse to an elephant sanctuary. The sanctuary is the homes for the senior elephants who were used in the logging industry and nowadays they get to rest and exercise instead of struggle through the day.

Return back on board as we continue the voyage to a sandbank where the ship docks for the night.

Following the dinner is a cinema night with a classic comedy – “Chang” produced in 1927 and co-directed by the talented Merian C. Cooper who also directed the original King Kong.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Beautiful landscape in Huay Xai
Pakbang quaint town

Day 9 Sandbank - Huay Palang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, join in a lecture about the diverse ethnics that live beside the river and amidst the endless jungle of Laos. Later, there is also a chance of participating in the cooking demonstration with the instruction of the chefs. The rest of the morning will be on your own occupation.

We arrive in Huay Palanga in the afternoon with the majority of the population are of Khmu ethnic minority. Learn about the dependence of the people here on the river and the occupations of the 90 household village. Give a taste of Lao whiskey made from rice in fermentation.

As we reach the end of the day, take part in the traditional ceremony organized in the village called Baci. The village seniors will personally lead the ceremony to bless you a safe journeys and good luck before you leave Anouvong.

Feast on the farewell dinner prepared lovingly by the staffs and celebrate a wonderful adventure with the crew.

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Khmu ethnic minority
Take part in the traditional Baci ceremony organized in the village

Day 10 Huay Palang - Huay Xai (B/L)

As you enjoy the last breakfast on board, the sip will slowly make its way to Huay Xai – border town to Thailand. 

As we reach the intersection with the Nam Tha River, you can have the chance to visit one of the local house to learn about the process of making the handicraft here.

The ship will reach the final point in Huay Xai at around 3 PM. The Laos River Cruises staff will help you with the process in the border checkpoint in Thailand before the farewell in the Immigration office.

Want to continue your Laos trip after this Anouvong 9-night cruise? Contact Laos River Cruise to create your one-and-only tour package!

 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Make way to Huay Xai – border town to Thailand
Last meal on board

What's Included/Excluded

  • Comfortable accommodation throughout your cruise
  • Entrance fees to all destinations featured in the itinerary
  • Daily group shore excursions with transfer to and from the ship
  • English-speaking tour guides at each destination
  • Taxes, fuel, and river pilot fees ensure a seamless journey
  • Live onboard entertainment as per the program schedule
  • Welcome cocktail, all meals and dining (as noted in the program)
  • Complimentary mineral water, tea, and brewed coffee as you wish
  • Passenger liability insurance
  • Internet access (based on network signal)
  • Additional complimentary room benefits depend on chosen cabin
  • Port and anchorage fees
  • Crew and guide gratuities (a nice way to say "thank you"!)
  • Visa fees, private transfers, and personal expenses like souvenirs
  • Any drinks outside those listed within the included meals and dining
  • Fuel surcharges, medical services, and spa treatments

Anouvong Cruise - Deck Plan


1. Adjustment of Schedule and Cruise Itinerary:

For all schedule, the crew will try to make sure that the itinerary will be as given to you before the trip. If during the trip, any elements that may pose to be an obstacle for the cruise, the crew will consider for alterations and delays at short notice.

2. Change Point of Embarkation and Disembarkation:

We are not responsible for any extra cost of transferring passengers to and from the reconsidered point of embarkation or disembarkation unless you have purchased a full tour package that includes land services from us. As so, any other reason for changing the points of embarkation and disembarkation cannot regard as a reason for cancelling the booking.

3. Fuel Surcharge:

Fuel costs were calculated based on the average of all passengers’ tickets. If the prices of fuel increase near the period of the cruise by more than 10%. We have the right to impose a fuel supplement fee which equals to the amount that exceeds the prices of our initial offers.

4. Deposit

4.1. For booking with less than 3 cabins

  • 190s prior the departure date: 30% of a non-refundable deposit is needed to confirm the booking. The balance must be made 130 prior to the date.
  • If a booking is made less than 129 days before departure date, full fare payment must be accomplished within 48 hours.

4.2 For booking from 4 cabins and more

  • Please contact us for more details.

5. Cancellation by Us:

In the case of departures where the amount of booked cabins is less than 5 cabins, the departure may be cancelled by the operation team. The cruise’s status will be finalized and notified to you 30 days prior to the departure date. In case of cancellation, we will offer you an alternative cruise or date (subject to availability) or land package. Any surcharges in the alternative option that we give will not be covered by us and we will refund you any decrease in the new total cost of the booking.

6. Cancellation by Customers

6.1. For booking with less than 3 cabins: 

  • Cancellations made 190 days or more prior to departure: charge 30% of total price
  • Cancellations made 130 to 189 days prior to departure: charge 50% of total price
  • Cancellations made 70 to 129 days prior to departure: charge 75% of total price
  • Cancellations made less than 69 days prior to departure: charge 100% of total price

6.2. For booking from 4 cabins and more:

  • We will consider the policy case by case for 4 or more cabins.

► If cancellations happen, wire fees and credit card commissions will be subtracted when calculating refunds.

7. Children Price and Extra Bed:

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on board unless given special permission (kindly contact us to inquire more about this). Passengers from 5 to 18 are welcome on board but each needs to be accompanied with an adult who is fully responsible for their safety and wellbeing. For passengers from the age of 12 and up, full adult rate will apply.

8. Insurance:

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. It will help you to get back any loss in case of cancellation of services such as flight tickets, accommodation or any non-refundable payments. Other insurances such as international medical, baggage loss are also recommended.

9. Dietary Needs:

Those who have the need for special dietary should contact us at least 30 days prior until embarkation. We will try our best to provide special dietary needs and request that base on product’s availability.

10. Travelers’ Responsibilities:

All who are on board the cruiser must take responsibilities towards other passengers as well as the crew members. We expect you to review the conditions of the trip itinerary, observe all safety requirements (on board and on excursions) and show proper social behavior to anyone on board. 

18 Reviews


Thank you for taking care of our cruise on Anouvong

jessica - United States

I'm 100% satisfied with my trip on the Anouvong Cruise last November. Impressed with the unique architecture and Laos culture. I will come back here ASAP. P/s: Ms. Ngoc asked me to write a review but I totally forgot, my bad.

Liam Scott

The Heritage line Anouvong cruise is va 10/10

Liam Scott - Canada

The Heritage line Anouvong cruise is very comfortable and well designed. The bar and lounge area is airy and very comfortable. all the staff were exceptional. They are all excellent at their jobs. We were also fortunate to book this ship. Great cruise, I highly recommend.


Best cruise I haver had in southeast asia

Élise - France

I had a wonderful 3 day trip on the Anouvong cruise ship with my family. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff on board, they were always ready to help us whenever we needed it.


Spent 7-day trip on Heritage line Anouvong

Klaus - Germany

During the 7-day trip on the Anouvong cruise ship, I was enjoyed every moment. We visit many interesting places in Huay Xai and Luang Prabang. Enjoyed delicious food on the cruise in the afternoon and relax with music in the evening.


Nothing to complain about

Robert - United States

The food on the Anouvong cruise is delicious, the menu is diverse so my whole family can choose dishes that each person loves. The space on the cruise is luxurious and clean.


We had the most wonderful time on this 7-day Anouvong trip.

noah - Canada

Thanks to Laos River Cruises, our journey from Vientiane to Huay Xai was flawless. It was like we became Royal  because right from the moment we stepped Aboard the Anouvong, we were pampered, cared for, and fed beautiful food.

The facilities are fantastic, with air conditioning, beautiful cabins with private balconies and great bars, dining rooms and relaxation areas.

Thank you very much! <3


Anouvong make it more than just a cruise trip

Nicolas - France

We participated in many interesting activities about Laotian culture on the Anouvong boat. We learned to dance traditional dances, watched music and participated in the Baci ceremony to pray for good luck :)

Hans Müller

lovely crusing experience with Anouvong on mekong river

Hans Müller - Germany

The activities of the ship are very interesting. I love doing yoga classes with friends every morning on the rooftop terrace, which has a beautiful view of the Mekong in the background.

Levi Jones

attentive staff and luxury accommodations

Levi Jones - Canada

My experience aboard the Anouvong Cruise was nothing short of magical. The journey took us to all the classic must-see destinations in Laos, and we could see the country's rich cultural and historical heritage, it was amazing!! The luxurious accommodations and attentive staff made us feel so warm, my son had a good time this trip and he expected to come back one more time. thanks a lot for everything!


Anouvong didn’t disappoint us. Love the trip

Angela - United States

We had many great moments on this trip. The best part of the cruise was how it immersed us in local life and traditions. We visited villages, participated in their ceremonies, and genuinely tasted Laos. It felt like we weren’t just visitors but were welcomed as family members into the heart of the country! I have visited Luang Prabang 3 years ago but i can’t imagine that admiring it on cruise can be a higher level

Edwin Lee

Beautiful nature and fgood food. Better than my land tour exp

Edwin Lee - United Kingdom

Love this tour. I enjoyed the good food in Laos and visited many beautiful places. Cruise tour was so much different from land tour and i found it more interesting thanks to you! If I come back to Lao, will contact asap :)


Weather quiet bad but the trip was good overall

Alice - Canada

One of the best cruise tours Laos in my op :) i literally enjoy my journey even when it rains sometimes. Highly rcm this agent :)

Bethany Stone

well organized, especially love the elephant sanctuary

Bethany Stone - United Kingdom

We had a great time on the new Anouvong cruise from Vietiane to Huay Xay. The boat is really nice, and the cabins are beautiful. We especially liked our little balcony, especially in the morning when it was cooler. The excursions were well organized, especially the ones to the elephant sanctuary and for kayaking. The meals were all really good, and even the two 15-year-olds in our group enjoyed them. Hope to be back with another great tour!


9 nights with the Anouvong cruise. beautiful Mekong

Aiden - Canada

spent 9 nights on the lower deck of the Anouvong cruise. The ship's decorations were lovely, and everything was really clean and taken care of. Our room was big, with a sitting area and a large bathroom. We enjoyed hanging out in the bar area—it was a nice place to relax and talk. The food looked good and had a good mix of options. The staff were awesome - quick, friendly, and funny. The activities were well-organized and not too long. A river cruise is a cool way to travel because there's always something interesting to see. That’s all I feel on the tour, I would definitely go on another river cruise, and my first choice would be your agent :)

Austin Carter

Laos River Cruises organized our trip well

Austin Carter - United States

Thank the Anouvong crew so much for making our journey! My family had so much fun!


Highlight of our trip to Southeast Asia

John - United States

We've been on lots of river cruises in Europe and Australia and visited some cities in Southeast Asia but never really explored the whole region. After an amazing tour on the Anouvong cruise, we can honestly say the reviews didn't do justice to how great the ship is as it traveled through this fascinating country. We were really impressed with all the crew - the people who took care of us, kept the ship clean, the staff, and those who managed the boat—they were all really good at their jobs and super caring. They were clearly dedicated to making the cruise awesome, and what's even better is that they genuinely cared about each passenger. Traveling along the Mekong, we didn't just go to well-known places; we also explored little, peaceful spots. We learned a lot about Laos' culture and history. Some days started with optional tai chi on the deck, followed by a fantastic breakfast with delicious food from Laos. After breakfast, there was usually a trip, then a great lunch, a quick rest, and another afternoon adventure further down the river.

In general, there are so many amazing things to say but you’d better try it by yourself. It has our highest recommendation!!

C. Holmes

Happy time on anouvong. Tasty menu we drank a lot

C. Holmes - United Kingdom

I carefully chose anouvong in Laos for our honeymoon and it’s unforgettable by anyway. And our favorite places are the bar and the sun deck, we almost tried all drinks on the menu haha :) Btw the cruise crew was so gooood to us, even the organization was not great at all but ya, you guys got my heart :)

Isabella Gagne

Worth money. Anouvong is a luxury escape to Mekong

Isabella Gagne - Canada

The minute we walked into our suite, we were blown away. It was just perfect: Awesome views from all the windows, incredibly beautiful, and super comfy. It was total luxury. The food was yummy, and the staff were amazing. The guide took us to buy souvenirs and shared good tips for bargains, and those memories will stick with us. But what we loved the most was the peace and beauty - we didn't want to leave. We wished we had booked the two-night trip. Our time on the Anouvong cruise will always be in our hearts. Thanks to everyone!

Frequently asked Question & Answers Here

Can I arrange private yoga or meditation sessions on Anouvong Cruise?

Absolutely! Heritage Line Anouvong offers private meditation session at a small village temple at certain locations along the route. We have experienced instructors who can tailor sessions to your individual needs and preferences. So you would enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experince for some Buddhist enlightment!

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my cruise with Heritage line Anouvong?

We recommend packing comfortable clothing for both warm and cool weather, as evenings can be cooler on the Mekong River. Also, bring sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent as you join the outdoor activities with Anouvong. Good preparation will make your Laos river cruise flawless!

Are there any special events or excursions? We love trying new things

Of course! Understanding your desire to immerse yourself in the local cultural and social activities, we often host cultural events and shore excursions that allow you to explore the local villages and attractions along the Mekong River. Check out the Anouvong Cruise itineraries for details!

Are there different dining options from the usual one?

Absolutely! Heritage Line Anouvong has a main dining room for elegant sit-down meals, a casual poolside grill for lighter fare, and a cozy bar for pre-dinner drinks and socializing. A private dining option is also available for your convenience. We can set up romantic dinners on the deck under the stars, intimate gatherings in the library, or even a traditional Laotian feast in our special dining area.

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