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Laos to China Cruises

Laos to China cruise offers you a chance to visit two countries in one fantastic journey through the mighty Mekong river. Let's check out some great itineraries of Laos river cruises below.

RV Sabaidee Pandaw Cruise 14 Nights (Upstream)

RV Sabaidee Pandaw Cruise 14 Nights (Upstream)

  • Explore stunning Vientiane with French-influenced monuments
  • Visit bustling local markets and join in the elephant festival
  • ​Immerse in the peaceful villages and the majestic Khaung Si waterfall
  • Experience cultural activities in the ancient city of Luang Prabang
  • Visit Hall of Opium for reminder of harmful effects of opium
  • Admire Jinghong City with its unique cultural interference

Vientiane, Pak Lai, Ban Park Bo Village, Ban Muoang Khai Village, Luang Prabang, Pak Ou Caves, Pak Beng, Ban Hoayxai, Golden Triangle, Ban Dom Moon, Sob Luoy, Guan Lei, Jinghong

RV Sabaidee Pandaw Cruise 14 Nights (Downstream)

RV Sabaidee Pandaw Cruise 14 Nights (Downstream)

  • Explore the intriguing Tropical Plant Institute with over 13,000 plants
  • Learn about the Dai people at ancient Manting Park
  • Enjoy cultural performances with stories and country history 
  • Capture the Akha village with traditional architecture
  • Visit the Opium Hall in Golden Triangle - the major traffic point for opium
  • Witness the ancient beauty and enjoy local specialties in Luang Prabang

Jinghong, Guan Lei, Sob Luoy, Ban Dom Moon, Golden Triangle, Khamo Village, Pak Ou Caves, Luang Prabang, Xayaburi Dam, Ban Park Bor Village, Pak Lai, Vientiane


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