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The Best Time to Cruise in Laos
  • By Vu Giang

The general weather of Laos is of typical tropical climate with only two season – dry and rain. The rain season runs from May to September while the dry season runs from October to April. Naturally, most of the cruise departures are concentrated in the dry season when the weather is pleasant and there is less chance of rain to disturb the journey.

During the month from October to April the average temperature is average at 29℃ with lower humidity and plenty of sunshine. Due to this, more tourists are flocked in to the country to take advantage of the agreeable weather. However, fear not as Laos is still a new tourism destination so the crowds will not be as significant. Additionally, many of the cruise brings you to places that not many has set foot on before.

Dry Season

Dry season in Laos

It is not a bad idea to visit Laos from May to September. Despite the fact the weather would be more oppressive with high humidity and chance of rain, but there will be less crowds to the point of almost desertion in popular sites. Finally, there are various cruises still in operation in some of these months and the prices during this season is way cheaper (especially accommodation) so it could be a nice incentive.

Rainny season

Rainy season in Laos

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