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It is the majesty of the Mekong alongside Laos River Cruises that attracts countless tourists from all over the world. And now you can even navigate beyond pandemic limitations, offering unforgettable journeys to local heritage and history - the best thing is that you don’t have to spend more than a day to do so!

In just a day, the Nomad day cruise in Laos river brings you to the serene river vistas and Luang Prabang's charm. This private water taxi for two, with its luxurious daybed, caters to your every whim, whether it's a quick afternoon escape or a sunset serenade with chilled Champagne.

Glide down the Mekong for a few blissful hours, choosing your perfect adventure, such as 1 day Luang Prabang Sunset tour. Mornings beckon with the cascading majesty of Kuang Si Waterfall or the serene mystery of Pak Ou Caves. Evenings paint the sky in fiery hues as you cruise amidst breathtaking landscapes, with a dedicated butler ensuring your comfort and romance ignite with every sparkling sip. 

Nomad Cruise promises an intimate, tailor-made experience, weaving unforgettable memories into your Laos holiday. Hurry up to secure your spot now!


Friendly green cruise blending in nature

Forget cookie-cutter cruises! Nomad isn't just a boat, it's a statement. Its sleek, jade-green hull cuts through the Mekong, turning heads and sparking wanderlust. Imagine yourself reclined on the luxurious daybed, the vibrant green reflecting on the water's surface as you glide amidst breathtaking landscapes. This isn't just transportation, it's an artfully crafted experience that will make you feel like the star of your own Mekong adventure.

Friendly green cruise blending in nature

Nomad Cruise: Private Paradise

Say goodbye to crowded decks and hello to your own intimate sanctuary. Nomad caters exclusively to you (or you and your special someone). Bask in the privacy of your plush daybed, lose yourself in captivating river views, and let the dedicated butler cater to your every whim. Whether it's refreshing drinks, a decadent picnic spread, or simply arranging the perfect sunset setting, your comfort and enjoyment are Nomad's top priority.

Nomad Cruise: Private Paradise

Tailor-Made Adventures just for you two

Your Mekong journey on the best day cruise in Laos river isn't pre-packaged. With Nomad, you choose the adventure that resonates with your soul. Craving a morning serenade by cascading waterfalls? Let Nomad whisk you to the majestic Kuang Si Falls, where rainbows dance in the mist and turquoise waters beckon you for a refreshing dip. Or, perhaps ancient mysteries call? Embark on a mystical exploration of Pak Ou Caves, their hidden Buddha statues whispering tales of faith and time. Sunset lovers, rejoice! As the sky ignites in fiery hues, Nomad becomes your floating haven for a romantic escape, complete with chilled Champagne and twinkling stars painting the perfect backdrop for unforgettable memories.

Tailor-Made Adventures just for you two

Optional dinner for unleashed romance

Forget the ordinary, Nomad unlocks a world of extraordinary moments. Imagine sipping chilled Champagne as the last rays of sun paint the sky with fiery brushstrokes. Picture yourself snuggled under a blanket of stars, whispers of the Mekong lulled by the gentle rhythm of the river. And for those seeking an extra touch of luxury, let the dedicated butler orchestrate a candlelit dinner onboard, transforming your private haven into a space dripping with romance and intimacy. Nomad is more than just a cruise; it's a canvas for creating your own love story, right on the heart of the Mekong.

Optional dinner for unleashed romance



 Bottled Water

 Free welcome drink

 Sun beds


 Life Jackets

  Nomad Cruise: Luang Prabang Sunset

 Destination: Luang Prabang

 Departure date of itinerary: Contact us for details

Highlights of Itinerary

  • Watch the sun paint the Mekong and Luang Prabang's mountains 
  • Sail aboard a comfortable and intimate boat, designed 
  • Let the gentle sway of the river and breathtaking views melt away your worries
  • Admire Luang Prabang's heritage architecture as it bathes in the golden twilight
  • Create unforgettable memories to experience Luang Prabang


Afternoon today, our driver from Laos River Cruises will meet you at your hotel in Luang Prabang to take you to the embarkation on the cruise in the port of the charming French-colonial town – Luang Prabang.

Watch as the sun sets over the region and make their way back home between the mountain surrounding the quaint town. The atmosphere on Nomad Cruise during this time is truly magical and combined with idling on the river on the boutique boat, nothing can really compare.

Return back on land as our driver returns you back to your hotel.

Cruise length: 2 hours

Don't want the journey to end like that? Check out Nomad Cruise to Kuang Si Falls or combine this day cruise with any land tours you want with our customized Laos tours!

 Meals: N/A

French-colonial town – Luang Prabang

What's Included/Excluded

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (in Luang Prabang center).
  • Boat trip as per itinerary.
  • Bottled water.
  • Meals & drinks not mentioned.
  • Insurances
  • Tips & gratuities for crew and driver.
  • Surcharges if any (increasing of fuel charges, admission fee, Christmas & New year with prior notice).
  • Other services not mentioned in "inclusion".

  Nomad Cruise: Kuang Si Fall & Sunset

 Destination: Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Falls

 Departure date of itinerary: Contact us for details

Highlights of Itinerary

  • Dive into turquoise Kuang Si Falls, explore lush trails, or reconnect with nature
  • Learn about moonbear conservation at the rescue center
  • Glide back on a Mekong cruise, soaking in the serenity of the river
  • After an active day, unwind on this leisurely sail back to Luang Prabang town

Day 1 Kuang Si Fall & Sunset Cruise

Begin the journey with Nomad Cruise today at around 11:30 AM from your hotel in Luang Prabang by road. You can have 2 hours of fun exploring the landscape, take a dip into the aquamarine water or visit the moonbear rescue center near the falls. Afterward, the driver will take you to the pier where you will enjoy the sunset slow cruise back to Luang Prabang. After an active day, a leisurely voyage back to the town is the perfect way to finish the adventure. Return back to your hotel by our driver from Laos River Cruises.

Haven't made your decision yet? Customize Laos tours with us for FREE to create your one-and-only Laos adventure!

 Meals: N/A

Swiming in Kuang Si Waterfalls
Sunset in Luang Prabang

What's Included/Excluded

  • Roundtrip transportation from your hotel
  • 2 hours at Kuang Si Falls or moonbear rescue center (choose one)
  • Sunset Mekong cruise
  • Bottled water on the boat
  • English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees at Kuang Si Falls and moonbear rescue center (optional)
  • Meals & drinks (except bottled water)
  • Personal expenses

  Nomad Cruise: Pak Ou

 Destination: Luang Prabang, Pak Ou Caves, Nam Ou River

 Departure date of itinerary: Contact us for details

Highlights of Itinerary

  • Explore the Pak Ou Caves with over 2,000 Buddha images
  • Navigate the scenic Nam Ou River, observing tranquil villages and verdant landscapes
  • Gain deeper understanding of Laotian history, Buddhism, and traditions


Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel today to embark on the cruise trip to Pak Ou Caves – 25 km from Luang Prabang.

Embark on the Nomad Cruise, the ship will navigate its way through the Nam Ou River as you observe the life along the riverbanks.

Pak Ou Caves are popular not only among travelers but especially to Buddhists. It attracts pilgrims from all over the world with its over 2000 of Buddha images of all shapes and sizes. The guide will not only give you some insight of the site about the religion aspect but also cultural and historical ones as well.

After an hour, return back on board to return to Luang Prabang for the day. Leaving the boat, Laos River Cruises driver will take you back to your hotel.

You can also create your Laos tour package with us to extend the wonderful trip. All customization is free of charge!

 Meals: N/A

Nam Ou River
2000 of Buddha images in Pak Ou Caves

What's Included/Excluded

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off (in Luang Prabang center).
  • Boat trip as per itinerary.
  • Pak Ou Caves entrance fee.
  • Bottled water.
  • Meals & drinks not mentioned.
  • Insurances
  • Tips & gratuities for crew and driver.
  • Surcharges if any (increasing of fuel charges, admission fee, Christmas & New year with prior notice).
  • Other services not mentioned in "inclusion".


1. Adjustment of Schedule and Cruise Itinerary:

For all schedule, the crew will try to make sure that the itinerary will be as given to you before the trip. If during the trip, any elements that may pose to be an obstacle for the cruise, the crew will consider for alterations and delays at short notice.

2. Change Point of Embarkation and Disembarkation:

We are not responsible for any extra cost of transferring passengers to and from the reconsidered point of embarkation or disembarkation unless you have purchased a full tour package that includes land services from us. As so, any other reason for changing the points of embarkation and disembarkation cannot regard as a reason for cancelling the booking.

3. Fuel Surcharge:

Fuel costs were calculated based on the average of all passengers’ tickets. If the prices of fuel increase near the period of the cruise by more than 10%. We have the right to impose a fuel supplement fee which equals to the amount that exceeds the prices of our initial offers.

4. Deposit

4.1. For booking with less than 3 cabins

  • 130s prior the departure date: 30% of a non-refundable deposit is needed to confirm the booking. The balance must be made 130 prior to the date.
  • If a booking is made less than 129 days before departure date, full fare payment must be accomplished within 48 hours.

4.2 For booking from 4 cabins and more

  • Please contact us for more details.

5. Cancellation by Us:

In the case of departures where the amount of booked cabins is less than 5 cabins, the departure may be cancelled by the operation team. The cruise’s status will be finalized and notified to you 30 days prior to the departure date. In case of cancellation, we will offer you an alternative cruise or date (subject to availability) or land package. Any surcharges in the alternative option that we give will not be covered by us and we will refund you any decrease in the new total cost of the booking.

6. Cancellation by Customers

6.1. For booking with less than 3 cabins: 

  • Cancellations made 130 days or more prior to departure: charge 30% of total price
  • \Cancellations made 70 to 129 days prior to departure: charge 50% of total price
  • Cancellations made less than 69 days prior to departure: charge 100% of total price

6.2. For booking from 4 cabins and more:

  • We will consider the policy case by case for 4 or more cabins.

► If cancellations happen, wire fees and credit card commissions will be subtracted when calculating refunds.

7. Children Price and Extra Bed:

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on board unless given special permission (kindly contact us to inquire more about this). Passengers from 5 to 18 are welcome on board but each needs to be accompanied with an adult who is fully responsible for their safety and wellbeing. For passengers from the age of 12 and up, full adult rate will apply.

8. Insurance:

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. It will help you to get back any loss in case of cancellation of services such as flight tickets, accommodation or any non-refundable payments. Other insurances such as international medical, baggage loss are also recommended.

9.Dietary Needs:

Those who have the need for special dietary should contact us at least 30 days prior until embarkation. We will try our best to provide special dietary needs and request that base on product’s availability.

10. Travelers’ Responsibilities:

All who are on board the cruiser must take responsibilities towards other passengers as well as the crew members. We expect you to review the conditions of the trip itinerary, observe all safety requirements (on board and on excursions) and show proper social behavior to anyone on board. 

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