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Thank you for taking care of our cruise on Anouvong

jessica - United States

I'm 100% satisfied with my trip on the Anouvong Cruise last November. Impressed with the unique architecture and Laos culture. I will come back here ASAP. P/s: Ms. Ngoc asked me to write a review but I totally forgot, my bad.


Big thanks to Shompoo Cruise and all their staff

Pierre - France

We spent 2 special and magical days during this cruise on the Mekong! Very gently we can enjoy the incredible landscapes. The ship's crew is very enthusiastic. Awesome, big thanks to Shompoo Cruise and all their staff :)

Liam Scott

The Heritage line Anouvong cruise is va 10/10

Liam Scott - Canada

The Heritage line Anouvong cruise is very comfortable and well designed. The bar and lounge area is airy and very comfortable. all the staff were exceptional. They are all excellent at their jobs. We were also fortunate to book this ship. Great cruise, I highly recommend.


Best cruise I haver had in southeast asia

Élise - France

I had a wonderful 3 day trip on the Anouvong cruise ship with my family. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff on board, they were always ready to help us whenever we needed it.

emily martinez

Shompoo Cruise is the highlight of our Laos holiday

emily martinez - United States

We absolutely loved our time on Shompoo, pick up and drop off was seamless. We enjoyed all the stops and the food was delicious. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and shared a lot with us about the history of Laos and different cultures. 


Spent 7-day trip on Heritage line Anouvong

Klaus - Germany

During the 7-day trip on the Anouvong cruise ship, I was enjoyed every moment. We visit many interesting places in Huay Xai and Luang Prabang. Enjoyed delicious food on the cruise in the afternoon and relax with music in the evening.

Thomas M.

We both love the experence on Shompoo cruise

Thomas M. - Germany

We had an unforgettable time with Shompoo Cruise. The stop at the local village offers an interesting insight into the lives of the Mekong people. We visited a village and enjoyed delicious Laotian whiskey.


Nothing to complain about

Robert - United States

The food on the Anouvong cruise is delicious, the menu is diverse so my whole family can choose dishes that each person loves. The space on the cruise is luxurious and clean.


We had the most wonderful time on this 7-day Anouvong trip.

noah - Canada

Thanks to Laos River Cruises, our journey from Vientiane to Huay Xai was flawless. It was like we became Royal  because right from the moment we stepped Aboard the Anouvong, we were pampered, cared for, and fed beautiful food.

The facilities are fantastic, with air conditioning, beautiful cabins with private balconies and great bars, dining rooms and relaxation areas.

Thank you very much! <3


Anouvong make it more than just a cruise trip

Nicolas - France

We participated in many interesting activities about Laotian culture on the Anouvong boat. We learned to dance traditional dances, watched music and participated in the Baci ceremony to pray for good luck :)

Hans Müller

lovely crusing experience with Anouvong on mekong river

Hans Müller - Germany

The activities of the ship are very interesting. I love doing yoga classes with friends every morning on the rooftop terrace, which has a beautiful view of the Mekong in the background.


I was wrong about cruising on Mekong River

Jacques - France

I never wanted to cruise along the Mekong Delta until my wife suggested it for our anniversary. The two-day trip from Houay Xay to Luang Prabang on the Shompoo cruise was memorable. Travel slowly with delicious food on board. Very good guide. We went there in low season so there were only 20 guests, very comfortable.


Love Sen! He is the best of Shompoo trip

James - United States

The Shompoo cruise was excellently organized. Sen (the guide) was very friendly, well prepared and he told us a lot of interesting things about Lao villages and people.

The food on board was great, too.

The cruise itself is amazing, so I defintely recommend it.

Mr. Fischer

Laos is so beautiful. Higly rcm a cruise trip herre

Mr. Fischer - Germany

Two days on a boat with lots of space, great food and service, and a top tour guide. Our journey started in Luang Prabang and headed upriver to Houaysay. We had the opportunity to visit the Buddha cave in Pak Ou and a Khmu village.

Ethan LSmith

2 day cruise with Shompoo Cruise downriver from Chiang Khong to Luang Prabang

Ethan LSmith - Canada

I did the 2 day cruise with Shompoo Cruise downriver from Chiang Khong to Luang Prabang and it was incredible. It was a smaller group of 9 people and we all got along really well. The scenery was beautiful and peaceful, the tour guide and the entire boat staff were amazing. I believe you guys chose the best cruise for us!

Olivia Martin

Our family had a great time on Shompoo cruise

Olivia Martin - Canada

Wonderful Shompoo Cruise two day trip on the lower Mekong from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang! The slow boat was clean and beautifully decorated inside. Lunch was included on both days, prepared thoroughly and introduces Lao cuisine.
The river passes between beautiful mountains and it is wonderful to see village life and local fishermen.

Levi Jones

attentive staff and luxury accommodations

Levi Jones - Canada

My experience aboard the Anouvong Cruise was nothing short of magical. The journey took us to all the classic must-see destinations in Laos, and we could see the country's rich cultural and historical heritage, it was amazing!! The luxurious accommodations and attentive staff made us feel so warm, my son had a good time this trip and he expected to come back one more time. thanks a lot for everything!


Anouvong didn’t disappoint us. Love the trip

Angela - United States

We had many great moments on this trip. The best part of the cruise was how it immersed us in local life and traditions. We visited villages, participated in their ceremonies, and genuinely tasted Laos. It felt like we weren’t just visitors but were welcomed as family members into the heart of the country! I have visited Luang Prabang 3 years ago but i can’t imagine that admiring it on cruise can be a higher level

Edwin Lee

Beautiful nature and fgood food. Better than my land tour exp

Edwin Lee - United Kingdom

Love this tour. I enjoyed the good food in Laos and visited many beautiful places. Cruise tour was so much different from land tour and i found it more interesting thanks to you! If I come back to Lao, will contact asap :)


Weather quiet bad but the trip was good overall

Alice - Canada

One of the best cruise tours Laos in my op :) i literally enjoy my journey even when it rains sometimes. Highly rcm this agent :)

Bethany Stone

well organized, especially love the elephant sanctuary

Bethany Stone - United Kingdom

We had a great time on the new Anouvong cruise from Vietiane to Huay Xay. The boat is really nice, and the cabins are beautiful. We especially liked our little balcony, especially in the morning when it was cooler. The excursions were well organized, especially the ones to the elephant sanctuary and for kayaking. The meals were all really good, and even the two 15-year-olds in our group enjoyed them. Hope to be back with another great tour!


9 nights with the Anouvong cruise. beautiful Mekong

Aiden - Canada

spent 9 nights on the lower deck of the Anouvong cruise. The ship's decorations were lovely, and everything was really clean and taken care of. Our room was big, with a sitting area and a large bathroom. We enjoyed hanging out in the bar area—it was a nice place to relax and talk. The food looked good and had a good mix of options. The staff were awesome - quick, friendly, and funny. The activities were well-organized and not too long. A river cruise is a cool way to travel because there's always something interesting to see. That’s all I feel on the tour, I would definitely go on another river cruise, and my first choice would be your agent :)

Austin Carter

Laos River Cruises organized our trip well

Austin Carter - United States

Thank the Anouvong crew so much for making our journey! My family had so much fun!


Highlight of our trip to Southeast Asia

John - United States

We've been on lots of river cruises in Europe and Australia and visited some cities in Southeast Asia but never really explored the whole region. After an amazing tour on the Anouvong cruise, we can honestly say the reviews didn't do justice to how great the ship is as it traveled through this fascinating country. We were really impressed with all the crew - the people who took care of us, kept the ship clean, the staff, and those who managed the boat—they were all really good at their jobs and super caring. They were clearly dedicated to making the cruise awesome, and what's even better is that they genuinely cared about each passenger. Traveling along the Mekong, we didn't just go to well-known places; we also explored little, peaceful spots. We learned a lot about Laos' culture and history. Some days started with optional tai chi on the deck, followed by a fantastic breakfast with delicious food from Laos. After breakfast, there was usually a trip, then a great lunch, a quick rest, and another afternoon adventure further down the river.

In general, there are so many amazing things to say but you’d better try it by yourself. It has our highest recommendation!!

C. Holmes

Happy time on anouvong. Tasty menu we drank a lot

C. Holmes - United Kingdom

I carefully chose anouvong in Laos for our honeymoon and it’s unforgettable by anyway. And our favorite places are the bar and the sun deck, we almost tried all drinks on the menu haha :) Btw the cruise crew was so gooood to us, even the organization was not great at all but ya, you guys got my heart :)

Isabella Gagne

Worth money. Anouvong is a luxury escape to Mekong

Isabella Gagne - Canada

The minute we walked into our suite, we were blown away. It was just perfect: Awesome views from all the windows, incredibly beautiful, and super comfy. It was total luxury. The food was yummy, and the staff were amazing. The guide took us to buy souvenirs and shared good tips for bargains, and those memories will stick with us. But what we loved the most was the peace and beauty - we didn't want to leave. We wished we had booked the two-night trip. Our time on the Anouvong cruise will always be in our hearts. Thanks to everyone!

Maximilian Hertzog

Excellent 1 night up river Mekong boat trip

Maximilian Hertzog - Germany

I went on this awesome 2-day Shoompoo boat trip from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai. It was such a great experience! The boat and its facilities were fantastic - super comfy and relaxing. The captain's wife cooked delicious meals for us on both days. We stayed overnight in Pak Beng, where we found some cheap accommodation. All in all, it was an amazing experience, and I totally recommend it.

Thorsten Krüger

Perfect way to travel from Luang Prabang to Pakbeng in 1 day

Thorsten Krüger - Germany

That boat ride was so chill, man. The father was driving the boat and the mother and daughter kept serving us loads of food and drinks. The seating was super comfy, but make sure you bring a jacket for the early mornings 'cause it can get pretty cold. Don't worry though, it heats up quick once the sun comes up. We got to see so much life along the river - it was awesome!

Amanda S. Barber

Mind-blowing 1 night Shompoo cruise adventure from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai

Amanda S. Barber - United States

Stop at the Khmer village of Shompoo cruise was freaking amazing and life-changing. Seeing those kids from a village with no electricity, running water or mobile signal but still having huge smiles on their faces made me cry like a baby. Overall, one of the best two-day experiences I've ever had!

Legget Hébert

Relaxed time on the Mekong river with Shompoo cruise

Legget Hébert - France

The trip we took to the local village along the Mekong was so awesome! It felt super authentic and everyone was smiling and having a good time. You gotta check it out if you have the chance! We took the slow boat with Shompoo Cruise and it was totally worth it.

Ancelina Bonsaint

Excellent slow boat experience on Shompoo Cruise

Ancelina Bonsaint - France

We decided to take it easy and go for a Shompoo boat ride, making stops each day to explore caves or visit little villages. The captain and his family were really cool and took good care of us while also cooking up some amazing food. Recommend checking this out.

Rosamonde Frappier

Love every minute of this Shompoo 1 day cruise

Rosamonde Frappier - France

On our Shompoo cruise trip, we will stop at two cool places: Pak Ou caves and a small village. Don't forget to bring some cash with you for these stops. The village we're gonna check out has a donation box that helps the whole community. The locals are really interested in us, and we're just as curious about them!


My favourite 2 days of the entire holiday!

Johanna - Germany

Those 2 days we spent on the Mekong were seriously perfect. We just chilled out the whole time, which is rare for me! The boat was designed well so we had plenty of space to ourselves. They even gave us free drinking water, tea, and coffee which was great. Hope to come back and take a Shompoo cruise 1 night downstream!


Amazing Shompoo Cruises

Baader - Germany

That trip was awesome! Shompoo cruise was super well-planned, everything went smoothly. And a big thank you to Laos River Cruises for hooking us up with such a great experience.

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